Work time: 11:30-21:30 Order Phone: 088 345 6667 Address: Sofia, Studentski grad neighborhood to block 54 Български

About us

Sushi Street, Sofia

Sofia, Studentski grad neighborhood to block 54

Our Mission - Present our customers fresh, quality and varied sushi prepared with high quality products delivered directly from suppliers without the intervention of intermediaries at fully affordable prices.

Our clients - this is our core value. Because of you we started this project, we strive to ensure that the choice of food in our country is convenient, fast and affordable, and the quality of sushi is at altitude. Yes we are always open to dialogue.

Our staff - we encourage the pursuit of young professionals, but in the kitchen for you are sushi chefs with long experience in preparing sushi.

Our prices - unlike other sushi shops - we offer high quality sushi at normal prices. We are, however, very attentive to our customers and strive to offer them a loyalty program.

Our goals - Over the next two years, we plan to develop a network of restaurants to deliver high-quality sushi to your users and create a real club of sushi connoisseurs. We do not set ourselves unrealistic goals and always carry out our duties.

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